Newtons & Force: Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws of Motion
State Newton’s Second Law of Motion.


Restate Newton’s Second Law of Motion in your own words.

If you pulled with equal force on a Volkswagen and 747 jumbo jet, which would move faster?  Why?

If you have a racecar and you want it to accelerate faster, but you only have one engine (which is producing maximum force already), what are two things you do to help the acceleration?

The force of gravity is twice as great on a 2 kg rock as it is on a 1 kg rock.  Why doesn’t the larger rock have a greater free-fall acceleration?

What is the net force necessary to accelerate a 10 kg bicycle forward at 2.0 m/s2?  (Show your work!)

How much acceleration would be required for a 5 kg hammer to strike a nail with 5 Newtons of force?  (Show your work!)

A flower pot falls from a ledge at 9.8 m/s2.  If it hits the ground with 10.0 N of force, how much mass was in the flower pot?  (Show your work!)

State Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Restate Newton’s Third Law of Motion in your own words.

Let’s say your car would not start this morning. You kick it on the bumper. If your kick applied a force on the bumper, how is it that you broke your toe? (use Newton’s Third Law)

What is terminal velocity?

Explain terminal velocity in terms of Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

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