Force problems review
The following are required to earn full credit: Show your work.  Show your units.  Get the correct answers.

Force problems

The net external force on the propeller of a 3.2 kg model airplane is 7.0 N forward.  What is the acceleration of the airplane?

What is the mass of a soccer ball that is kicked with a force of 13.5 N and accelerates at 6.5 m/s2 to the right?

How rapidly will a 270 kg golf cart accelerate with a net external for of 390 N acting on it?

How much force is in a 1 kg steel ball being dropped from a height of 1 m?

Friction problems:

A 25 kg chair initially at rest on a horizontal floor requires 365 N of horizontal forced to set it in motion.  Once the chair is in motion, a 327 N horizontal force keeps it moving at a constant velocity.

Find the coefficient of static friction between the chair and the floor.

Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the chair and the floor.

What is the Fs,max and Fk (two different answers) for the following?
(See table 4-2 for coefficients of friction):
moving a 145 kg aluminum sculpture across a steel platform

pulling a 250 kg wood bed on a wood floor.

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