Final review
Chapter 4: Force

What is the equation for force?  What is force measured in?

State Newton’s First Law of Motion.

What is inertia?

How is inertia related to mass?

State Newton’s Second Law of Motion.

State Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

The net external force on the propeller of a 3.2 kg model airplane is 7.0 N forward.  What is the acceleration of the airplane?

What is the mass of a shot put that is dropped with a force of 130.5 N?
(Show your work!)

What forces are balanced when you reach terminal velocity?

What is the acceleration equal to when you reach terminal velocity?

Chapter 5: Work, Energy, & Power

What is the equation for work?  What is work measured in?

How much force was used to pull a cart 6 meters if 120 J of energy was used?

What is the equation for kinetic energy?  What is kinetic energy measured in?

Which has more kinetic energy, a 5 g bullet moving at 100 m/s or a 1 kg baseball thrown at 10 m/s?

How fast was a 70 kg motorcycle moving if it had 400 J of kinetic energy?

What is the equation for potential energy? What is potential energy measured in?

How high up is a 70 kg diver if he has 21,000 J of gravitational potential energy?

What is the equation for power? What is power measured in?

What is the power output of a car with a mass of 1500 kg accelerating at a rate of 5 m/s2 over 20 meters for 3 seconds?

If a diver climbs to the top for a high dive and jumps off…

Where is his potential energy greatest?

Where is his kinetic energy greatest?

Chapter 6: Momentum review

What is the equation for momentum?

What is the equation for conservation of momentum?

Give three examples of each:
elastic collisions   perfectly inelastic collisions

If a skater with a mass of 50 kg runs up at 5 m/s to a 5 kg skateboard resting on the ground, what will be the resulting speed of the skater on the board when he jumps on it?

Chapter 7/8: Rotational Motion

What is Newton's law of universal gravitation?

Why do we talk about “rotational speed” instead of “rotational velocity”?

Why does mud fly off a rotating wheel?  (Your answer must contain the word “force” and must explicitly reference to several other variables.)

Why is the moment of inertia of a tether ball swinging on a rope greater
than spinning a stick of equal mass around?  (In other words, why are the
formulas different for the two objects?)

What is the relationship between force and distance for simple machines?

Let’s say you are using a crowbar to pry open a sealed wooden chest.  It takes 550 N of force at the tip of the crowbar to break it open when the tip is 0.05 m from the fulcrum.  If you had your hands 0.95 m from the fulcrum, how much force did you need to use to get to the treasure?

What are the two families of simple machines and what simple machines do they include?

Chapter 12: Waves

What is special about simple harmonic motion?

What measures are greatest at the equilibrium position?

What measures are least at the equilibrium position?

What is the equation for the force of a spring?

Janet wants to find the spring constant of a given spring, so she hangs it vertically and attaches a 0.5 N mass to the end.  What is the spring constant if the spring stretches 3.0 cm?

What is the relationship between period and frequency (and vice versa)?

What is the period of a signal with a frequency of 10 MHz? (Show your work!)

What is the equation to determine the speed of a wave?

How fast is a wave moving at a frequency of 5 Hz and a wavelength of 5 m?

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