Give the equation for momentum.

If momentum changes, what two factors can cause the change? (hint: look at the equation)

The following are before and after comparisons for changes in momentum. Tell if the change in momentum for each is the result of a change in mass, magnitude of velocity, or direction of velocity.

Before After Mass, Velocity, Direction Increase or Decrease

Empty gravel truck Loaded gravel truck

Baseball thrown toward home plate Baseball  hit by batter to right field

Hot air balloon carrying 20 sandbags Hot air balloon carrying 10 sandbags

Car with only one passenger Car with 8 passengers

Read the “Consumer Focus” on page 217. Name a safety device and explain the physics behind it.

Suppose you are a physicist teaching a driver’s education class. Explain, in normal language, why you would need a greater following distance when at high speed on the freeway? When pulling a heavily loaded trailer?

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