Review: The Basics
Solve for “x” in each case.  You don’t need a calculator.  Seriously.  You don't.

3x2/ xy = 2zx2

q2 = op/x

54x = 9y

65/x  = 13

yx2 = c2  + 2ad

7000g + 19kg = x grams

(5m)(17m) = x

50 km/ 2 hr = x

What does “SI” stand for?

What are the SI units for length, mass and time?

How many millimeters are there in a meter?

How many meters are there in a centimeter?

Fill in the blank (use scientific notation as necessary):

100000 g = ________ kg = _________ ng = ___________ mg

Define “physics” in your own words.

Give a specific example from the everyday things around you of:

Mechanics -

thermodynamics -

wave phenomena -

optics -

electromagnetism -

Give an example of an occupation that uses physics and tell how physics relates to that occupation (Give specific concepts that are employed).

What are the rules for significant digits:

Significant digits: How many?
0.001 cm


10.0 km

1.0001 m

Perform the following calculations using significant digits:

10 x 100.1 =

1.0001 x 10.0 =

0.001 x 10.0 =


Draw a linear graph

Draw an exponential graph


Dependant -

Independent -

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