Exam: The Basics
Define “physics” in your own words.


Give a specific example from the everyday things around you of:

Mechanics -

Optics -

Electromagnetism -

Give an example of an occupation that uses physics and tell how physics relates to that occupation (Give specific concepts that are employed).

Solve for “x” in each case.  You don’t need a calculator.

q2 = op/x

x2yz = q2  + 25

40km + 20m = x km

(15m)(10m) = x

x2z/ xy = x3z

What does “SI” stand for and why do we use it?

Significant digits: How many?

0.010 cm     $500.00

10.0 km      1.0001 m

Perform the following calculations using significant digits:

$500 + $49.99 =

50.000 x 2.0 =

Draw a diagram that:
a) shows accuracy     b) shows precision and accuracy

Graph the following data.  Label your axes correctly.

Age Height
10          5
20          10
30          20
40          40

Is the graph above linear, exponential, quadratic, etc.?

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