2D Motion Exam 2
Draw pictures!  Show your work!  Donít forget your units!

A plane is flying along 550 m above the earth with a velocity of 120 m/s when it drops a package.  How long does it take for the package to hit the ground?

If a hang glider moves with an airspeed of 30 m/s at a 30° angle, how fast is it climbing vertically?

A cougar leaps forward from a cliff 4 m high toward a sheep below.  If the sheep is 3 m away from the base of the cliff, what forward velocity must the cougar have to land on top of the sheep? (Note: This is a two-step problem.)

What is the maximum height a football kicked at a 40° angle will achieve if its initial speed is 20 m/s?

How far down the field will this same ball travel before it hits the earth? (Note: This is a two-step problem.)

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