Measuring Waves
What is the amplitude of a wave?


Draw a transverse wave.  Label the crest and the trough.  Show where the amplitude is measured.

Draw a longitudinal wave.  Label the compression and rarefaction.


Period -

Frequency -

What do different frequencies of the following represent:
Light waves -
Sound waves -
Radio waves -

What is the frequency-period equation?  Tell what the variables represent.

What is frequency measured in?

Define: wave speed

What is the formula for calculating wave speed?  Tell what the variables represent.

Word Problem: A wave along a guitar string has a frequency of 440 Hz and a wavelength of 1.5 m.  What is the speed of a wave?

How much faster does sound travel in the water than in the air?

Why do sound waves travel faster through solids and liquids than in the air?

What is the Doppler effect?

Give an example of the Doppler effect.

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