Waves Exam
Type of wave=Medium

Seismic waves=_______________

Sound waves=_______________


Stadium waves=_______________

_________________=No medium required

Circular waves

Which wave is the highest of the ones in the diagram?

b)  Where is the energy in the waves the most spread out?

c)  Explain how can each of the waves have equal amounts of energy.

Draw a transverse wave.  Label the crest and the trough.

Which direction is the motion of a transverse wave?

Draw a longitudinal wave.  Label the compression and rarefaction.

Which direction is the motion of a longitudinal wave?
Use a diagram to show why sound waves travel faster through solids and liquids than in the air.

Draw the same wave with a higher amplitude, but the same frequency

Draw the same wave with the same amplitude, but a higher frequency

If a wave has a shorter wavelength, the wave has a higher ________________.

Use a diagram to show how the Doppler effect produces high frequency as something making a sound approaches and a lower frequency as it moves away.

Give an example of each of the following (Your example can use light, sound, or any other type of wave).




Give an example (not a drawing) of a standing wave.

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