Magnetism Exam
Draw the magnetic fields of the magnets below.



Why canít you separate the magnetic north pole from the magnetic south pole?  What will happen if you cut the magnet?

Illustrate how a magnetic field can be traced using a compass.

Use a drawing to explain the right hand rule.  Label both the current and the magnetic field.

Give three examples of technologies that use electromagnets.

Name two advantages of an electromagnet over a regular magnet.

Draw the direction of the magnetic fields in the domains of the following materials:


What does each of the following do in an electric motor:


Describe (in words) how a speaker works.

Explain how a power plant produces electricity through electromagnetic induction.  Be specific.

Diagram how current changes as a loop rotates through a magnetic field.

Why are step-down transformers required between the power lines and your house?

Describe at least two ways you can test to see if an object is magnetic.

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