Electric Currents from Magnets
What is electromagnetic induction?


State Faradayís Law.

What is a generator?

Give three examples of devices that produce electricity through electromagnetic induction.

How do hydroelectric power plants use water to produce electricity?

What is alternating current (or AC)?

What kind of current do batteries produce (and why)?

At what angle is the maximum current produced in the rotation of a loop through a magnetic field?

Diagram this rotation and show how current changes throughout it.

What is a transformer?

Give two examples of transformers (that arenít robots in disguise).

What is a step-up transformer and where is it found?

What is a step-down transformer and where is it found?

Why are transformers required?

Is the following a step-up or a step-down transformer: The primary coil has 7000 turns while the secondary coil has 500 turns.

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