Exam: Motion, Acceleration, and Force
Show your work on the math problems or you will not receive full credit.

Formulas: F = ma    v = d/t    p = mv    a = (vf – vi) / t    (Don’t forget your units!)

What is the velocity of the object in this graph?

If a car is traveling at 70km/hr, how far will it travel in half an hour? (Show your work!)

Which has more momentum: A 5 kg soccer ball moving at 100 m/s or a 20 kg cannon ball moving at 30 m/s? (Show your work!)

If a skier increases speed from 2.0 m/s to 4.5 m/s in 5 seconds, what is her acceleration? (Show your work!)

Describe what is happening to the car whose movement is described in the following graphs:



Give an example of unbalanced forces.

Give an example of friction changing the velocity of an object.

Which of Newton’s Laws is each of the following an example of?

________ It takes more force to throw a shot put than to throw a tennis ball.

________ A cars tires push against the road to propel the car forward.

________ The space probe Voyager II is continuing out of the solar system beyond Pluto.

________ Gravity pulls the skydiver straight to earth.

What is the net force necessary to accelerate a 10 kg bicycle forward at 2.0 m/s2? (Show your work!)

A flower pot falls from a ledge at 9.8 m/s2.  If it hits the ground with 10.0 N of force, how much mass was in the flower pot? (Show your work!)

Give an example of how an object’s weight could change? (Note: This is not a biology question.)

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