Electricity Review
Formulas: V = IR (or R = V/I) and P = IV

13.1: Charge

Conductor or Insulator?
Salt water
A pencil eraser
A glass
A roof nail
A chop stick

Give another example of a conductor:

Give another example of an insulator:

Draw the electric field between two like charges.

Draw the electric field between two opposite charges.

What will happen to the charge if the distance is tripled? (Show your work.)

13.2: Current

The current of a resistor is 0.75 A when it is connected to a 120 V circuit.  What is its resistance?

The current in a handheld video game is 0.50 A.  If the resistance in the gameís circuitry is 12 Ohms, what is the voltage produced by the battery?

Conductors have _______ resistance.

Insulators have _______ resistance.

Semi-conductors have __________ resistance.

Superconductors have __________ resistance.

13.3: Circuits

Draw the circuit on p 452 and label each of the components.

Why is the symbol for a resistor a jagged line?

Why does the symbol for a light bulb have a resistor in it?

Why is the symbol for a battery two parts that donít touch?

When a switch is __________ current can pass through it.

Draw an open switch:

Draw a closed switch:

Why are xmas tree lights connected in the wire in parallel rather than in series?

What is the power rating of a heater that requires 30 A of 120 V current?

How much current does a light bulb pull if it has a power rating of 100 W and is operated on 120 V?

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