Electric Circuits
What is an electric circuit?


What is a schematic diagram?

Draw the symbols for the following:



light bulb


switch (open)

switch (closed)

Draw the circuit on p447 and then draw the schematic of it.

What is a series circuit?

What is a parallel circuit?

Draw a series circuit.

Draw a parallel circuit.

What is the electric power equation?

What is the power rating of a heater that requires 29 A of current at 120 V to heat a room?

What is the current in a bulb that requires 120 V with a power rating of 75 W?

What is a fuse?

What is a circuit breaker?

How is a fuse different than a circuit breaker?


If you had a garden hose…

Voltage would be analogous to:

Current would be analogous to:

Resistance would be analogous to:

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