Science Papers Assessment
This is based off a number of standards, including some generated specifically at my school.

Science Standards

_____  Evaluated the impact of research on scientific thought, society, and the environment.

_____  Used critical thinking and problem-solving to make informed decisions in a real-world context.

Lifelong Learning Standards

_____  Connected prior knowledge and experiences to new learning opportunities.

_____  Reviewed and modified individual conceptions, notions, and ideas.

_____  Worked to obtain an in-depth understanding of concepts.

_____  Identified connections among the disciplines and the direct relationship to the world outside the classroom.

_____  Accessed and used relevant information and resources to complete tasks.

_____  Reflected on own thinking processes.

Writting Standards

_____  Supplied a report with an overall appearance of professionalism (typed, appropriate font, consistent style, etc.).

_____  Met the criteria for length of written portion of project.

_____  Employed proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage.

_____  Organized the report in a logical, readable manner.

_____  Provided an appropriate introduction and proper conclusion.

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