Proposal for independent project
I composed this form to help organize independent projects that I would give to my more academically gifted students to enrich their experience in areas in the curriculum where they might otherwise be just spinning their wheels.

Basic information:
To be undertaken by: _____________________

Topic of project: _________________________

Academic purposes of project:

This project will serve several purposes.  First, it will develop the learner’s understanding of a given academic area.  Second, it will help develop independent learning skills.  Third, and most importantly, this project will serve as evidence of this learner’s self-directed academic efforts above and beyond the expectations of other academic classes.

Components of final project:

Criteria for project:

  • All rough drafts are to be turned in and will be included with the final project as evidence of learner progress.

  • Reflections by the learner will constitute a portion of a written “dialogue” with the facilitator supervising the project.

  • Both rough drafts and reflections will be responded to in writing so that the process is most clearly illustrated.

  • Proposal for research- Why are you doing the research?  Why did you choose this topic?  What experience have you had with this topic previously?

  • Annotated bibliography

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