Major assessment
The last question on this assessment was to have students practice converting ratios in order to make scale drawings.  For some reason, this was not terribly well developed skill in them when they began the course.
-List three (3) steps of the scientific method and describe what you do in each one in a sentence or two.




-Name three (3)  parts of a lab report and describe what they explain in a sentence or two.

-What is density?

-How can you tell which is more dense, a piece of lead or a piece of aluminum?

-Draw a diagram of the layers of the Earth as close to scale as possible.

-Which layer of the Earth is the hottest?  Why do you think that is?

-Which layer is the thinnest?

-Why is the crust at the surface of the Earth?

-Redraw the picture below at half its size.  Show all measurements and any calculations you made.

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