A Model of Learning
This is a good exercise to get students thinking about the gradual process of learning.  This model of learning is very general and posits that we move through four stages:
unconscious incompetence - We don't know what we don't know.

conscious incompetence - We are acutely aware just what we don't know about a body of knowledge.

conscious competence - We are aware of what we know, but we are required to be conscious of it in order to make use of it.

unconscious competence - We don't even have to think about our knowledge and/or skills in order to apply them effectively.

This exercise has students apply this schema to their own area of expertise (e.g., musical ability, an athletic skill, a hobby, etc.), and to examine the process by which they came to their level of competence.  This schema can then be applied in later sections of the course to the subject matter.

In your own words, define:
Consciousness -

Competence -

Combining these concepts:
unconscious conscious
incompetence Quadrant I Quadrant II
competence Quadrant IV Quadrant III


1. What is your area of expertise?

2. Describe a moment/fact when you moved from Quadrant I to Quadrant II.

3. How did you learn something (be specific) that moved you from Quadrant II to Quadrant III?

4. What is the main thing required to move from Quadrant II to Quadrant III?

5. What is the main thing required to move from Quadrant III to Quadrant IV?

6. Give an example where you moved from Quadrant IV around to Quadrant I again.

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