Putting Stoichiometry and Moles Together
1. Given the following equation: 2 K + Cl2 ---> 2 KCl

How many grams of KCl is produced from 2.50 g of K and excess Cl2.
From 1.00 g of Cl2 and excess K?

2. Given the following equation: Na2O + H2O ---> 2 NaOH
How many grams of NaOH is produced from 1.20 x 102 grams of Na2O?
How many grams of Na2O are required to produce 1.60 x 102 grams of NaOH?

3. Given the following equation: 8 Fe + S8 ---> 8 FeS
What mass of iron is needed to react with 16.0 grams of sulfur?
How many grams of FeS are produced?

4. Given the following equation: 2 NaClO3 ---> 2 NaCl + 3 O2
12.00 moles of NaClO3 will produce how many grams of O2?
How many grams of NaCl are produced when 80.0 grams of O2 are produced?

5. Given the following equation: Cu + 2 AgNO3 ---> Cu(NO3)2 + 2 Ag
How many moles of Cu are needed to react with 3.50 moles of AgNO3?
If 89.5 grams of Ag were produced, how many grams of Cu reacted?

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