Moles assessment
Directions:  Show as much work as you can (even what you might normally only do in your head).  Even if you cannot get to the final answer, provide as much information indicating that you understand parts of the problem.  Lastly, try alternative methods if your answer does not appear reasonable.

How many moles of iron atoms would you need to have 1 kilogram? (20%)

Why does a mole contain 6.022 X 1023  atoms or molecules? (20%)

Balance the following reaction equations: (20%)

Li2O   +   H2O  --->   LiOH

H3PO4 +  HCl --->  PCl5 +  H2O

How many grams of salt would be produced from one mole of sodium? (20%)

How many grams of water would be produced from reacting 10 grams of pure NaOH with an excess of hydrochloric acid (HCl)? (20%)

How many grams of NaOH would you need to prepare exactly 2 liters of 5 molar solution? (20%)

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