Gas Laws Study Guide
Equation bank:

Boyle’s Law:  Charles’ Law: Combined Gas Law: Ideal Gas Law:





What is “R” (include appropriate units)?

What is a good sequence to tackle sub-problems?

Sample Problems:

1. A beach ball contains 30 liters of air at 1 atm of pressure.  Then someone sits on it, crushing it to one third its volume.  What happens to the pressure ?

2. I put an empty two liter bottle of soda back in my fridge the other day and it collapsed in on itself.  It had been sitting on the countertop at room temperature (25 C).  I have the refrigerator set to 10 C.  What volume did the bottle shrink to?

3. On Venus the temperature can reach up to 500K and the atmospheric pressure is typically around 90 times that of the Earth’s.  What would happen to a space-age, heat-resistant balloon which was initially 1.0 liter in volume on Earth at 25 C?

4. How much pressure is left in an empty 0.5 L hairspray bottle which contains 3.5 moles of air at room temperature?

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