Gas Law Problems
Boyle's Law

1. A gas occupies 12.3 liters at a pressure of 40.0 mm Hg. What is the volume when the pressure is increased to 60.0 mm Hg?

2. A gas occupies 11.2 liters at 0.860 atm. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 15.0 L?

Charles’ Law

3. 600.0 mL of air is at 20.0 C. What is the volume at 60.0 C?

4. At 27.00 C a gas has a volume of 6.00 L. What will the volume be at 150.0 C?

Combined Gas Law

5. 500.0 liters of a gas are prepared at 700.0 mm Hg and 200.0 C. The gas is placed into a tank under high pressure. When the tank cools to 20.0 C, the pressure of the gas is 30.0 atm. What is the volume of the gas?

6. What is the volume of gas at 2.00 atm and 200.0 K if its original volume was 300.0 L at 0.250 atm and 400.0 K.

The Ideal Gas Law

7. What volume will 20.0 g of Argon occupy at STP?

8. How many moles of gas would be present in a gas trapped within a 100.0 mL vessel at 25.0 C at a pressure of 2.50 atmospheres?

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