Gas Laws: Intro notes
1. What are the three primary phases of matter?


a. What causes the changes between them?

b. What are the relative densities of the 3 phases?

2. What is the kinetic molecular theory?  What does it tell us?

3. What are the 5 basic assumptions of the kinetic molecular theory?

4. How do you convert a temperature in Celsius to the Kelvin scale?

a. What happens at 0 C?

b. What happens at 0 K?

5. Describe the relationship between the units of pressure of mmHg and atm.  What do they stand for?  How do you convert between them?

6. What is Daltonís Law of Partial Pressure?  What are the relative proportions/pressures of the gases in the atmosphere?

7. What does STP stand for?  Why is it important?

8. What are the values of STP?

9. What is molar volume?

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