Gas Laws Assessment
Directions:  Show all work, but keep it *neat*.  I can give partial credit only if I know that some of what you did was correct.

Before you begin...
Gas law formula bank:

Important conversions:

Now you are ready...
Why must you always use the Kelvin scale for temperature values when you are using gas laws?

A plastic bag holds 1.0 liter of air in standard conditions and will pop under a pressure of 3.0 atmospheres.  How much small a volume must the bag be compressed to pop?

If I drop an aluminum can into ice water that was 4 C and the can crumpled to one third its volume, what was the temperature of the steam inside the can?

Using the Combined Gas Law in your response, explain why it would be a really, really bad idea to place a metal aerosol can in an oven at a high temperature.

How many moles of freon are in an air conditioning unit that contains 0.25L of hollow tubing and maintains a pressure of 4 atms at a temperature of 20 C?

What would be the pressure of same air conditioning system if half the
freon was let out and the temperature rose to 50 C?

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