The Periodic Table and Elements notes
1.  Why was the periodic table developed?


2.  How was Mendeleevís scheme for listing elements different from that used in the modern periodic table?

3. What is ionization and when does it occur?

4.  How do atomic radii change across the periodic table?  Draw a diagram to illustrate and explain this tendency.

5.  Which periods represent the alkali metals, halogens, noble gases, alkaline earth metals?

6.  Which elements are metals and which are classified as non-metals?  (It might be easier for you to tell me which parts of the periodic table contain which.)

7.  Which elements are liquids at room temperature?  Which are gases?

8.  What elements make up which percentage of your body?

9.  What is an isotope?  What does this have to do with the decimal place on the atomic weights of most elements on the periodic table?

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