Foundations of chemistry project
Components of Project:

-Give a historical perspective on this work (dates, what was known at the time, etc.)
-Describe the experiment and/or observations.
-Construct a model or demonstration.
-What problems did this theory solve?
-What problems remain unanswered by this theory?
-What are some of the practical implications of this theory?

-Written paper- typed, bibliography, etc.
    -must contain demonstration
    -must be involve technology

Topics and groups:

Rutherford and Bohr and the development of the planetary model of the atom.

Dalton and Avogadro's views on the nature of matter
-How did Avogadro arrive at his famous number?

Lord Kelvin and gas laws
-How did Kelvin arrive at a value for absolute zero?

Plank and quantum mechanics

de Broglie and Young
-What did the double slit experiment prove?
-How can light be both a particle and a wave?

Schrodinger and his cat

Heisenberg and his uncertainty

Avogadro's Law and molar volume

Mendeleev and periodicity

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