Chemistry Practice Assessment

-Whatís the difference between atomic mass and atomic number?

-What are a few things the period table can tell you that arenít written anywhere on the table?

Electron stuff

-Hey, whatís the electron configuration of...

Ne      K+1

-Draw the electron dot structure of...

H2O      NH3

-What does the octet rule have to do with electron configuration and electron dot structure?


-So, chemically speaking, what is a mole anyway?

Inorganic Nomencalture

-Give examples of how the names of different polyatomic ions changes with different amounts of oxygen.

-What does the Roman numeral following the metal represent?  How do you determine that number from the chemical formula?  Include an example.


-Whatís the opposite of a decomposition reaction?

-What is something (not related to chemistry) that is analogous to a double replacement reaction?

Experimental Error

What is the percent error if you predicted you would get 15.9 grams of product from your reactants and you only got 14.2 grams? (Show your work!)

Big Problem

If you had 20.9 grams of magnesium oxide in the crucible after it cooled, how many grams of magnesium must you have started with?


-Given that the universe appears boundless in all directions including time (in one direction anyway), and taking into account that the Sun is approximately halfway through its 30 billion year life span, would you like some toast?

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