Charles’ Law Lab
This lab is based on the idea of drawing water into a dropper based on the negative pressure created by a change in temperature.

Temperature: #1  #2  #3  #4  #5

Water drawn in
(# of drops)

Total volume
(Initial drops +
# drops drawn in)

Post lab questions:

1.  Make and attach a graph of temperature (in degrees C) vs. total volume (in drops).  Fit the points as best you can to a straight line.  Extend the line beyond the y-axis until the line touches the x-axis (somewhere in the negative range).   This point is equal to absolute zero.

2. What is the relationship between temperature and volume shown by your graph?

3.  The theoretical limit known as absolute zero is also the limit of molecular motion.  At this temperature all thermal activity stops.   Do all atomic motions stop at this temperature?

4.  Is the study of extremely low temperatures of any practical value?  If yes, give examples.  If no, why not?

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