Acid/Base/Solutions Assessment
What is the pH of 0.005 M HCl solution?


What is the pH of a 0.005 M NaOH solution?

Write a reaction equation illustrating how water can be both an acid (according to Arhenius’ definition) and a base (according to the Bronsted-Lowry definition).

You have to find the pH of 50 mL of an unknown acid solution.  You neutralize it by titrating it with 25 mL of a .005 M solution of NaOH.  What is the pH of the unknown solution?

How many times more acidic is a solution with a pH of 5.0 and another with a pH of 2.0?  Show your work, whatever method you decide to use.

Give an example of a neutralization reaction.  Label the reactants and the products formed.

Which of the following compounds are soluble in water?








How many grams of HBr are necessary to make 0.5 L of 2.0 M solution?

If you add sand to water, does the boiling point of the water become greater or less than 100oC?  Explain.

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