Taxonomy Assessment
Part I: General Taxonomy

1.  What purpose(s) does taxonomy serve?

2.  What are some other systems of taxonomy outside of biology, and what do they classify?

3.  Where would you find organisms that are more alike, in the same Phylum or in the same Genus?

4.  What is the scientific name of humans (genus and species)?  (Note: write and spell these correctly.)

5.  What types of scientists would likely use the traditional taxonomy system?

6.  How does the science of taxonomy provided evidence evolution?

Part II: The five kingdoms

1. Of the five kingdoms, which kingdom/kingdoms is/are include one-celled organisms?

2. Which kingdoms reproduce asexually?

3. One important role in the environment is the process of decomposition.  Which kingdoms have members which fill this role?

4. Which kingdoms’ members contain cell walls?

5.  What kingdom do the following organisms belong in:









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