From Gene to Protein notes
1. What are genes, and what do they have to do with proteins?


2. What is transcription?  Where does it take place?

3. What is so unique about a retrovirus?

4. What role does polymerase play in transcription?

5. What are the 3 types of RNA, and what role does each play?

6. What is Uracil?  Where is it found and what does it do?

7. What are 3 differences between mRNA and DNA?

8. What is translation?  Where does it take place?

9. What is a codon?  How many codons are there total?  Why?

10. What does is mean for a codon to “wobble”?

11. What is an anticodon?

12. What is a polypeptide?

13. What are the “p” site and the “a” site for on a ribosome?

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