Genetic Mutations study guide
What causes Downs Syndrome?


Give an example of the various types of mutations listed below by appropriately “mutating” the sentence representing the original code.

Original code:  shesawthefatsea   (notice there are no spaces between codons)

Point mutation (aka substitution):





Which of the above would cause a frame-shift?

List and describe at least five possible causes of mutations.

What is a carcinogen?

What is a silent mutation?  Describe at least two genetic situations where one might occur.


genetic screening-

genetic counseling-



Part II

Answer the following as completely as you can based on the information covered in the past unit.

1. Thinking scientifically, what are some obvious differences between the mutations we have studied and a comic book super hero version of a mutant?

2. We have mainly been studying mutations in a bad light.  However, genetic variation can be beneficial to a population.  Describe in some detail (in other words, use a concrete example) how this might be?

3. What happens when there is an extreme lack of variation in a population?

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