Genetic Disorders Research Project
You are to search the genetic disease assigned to you.  You should do your best to answer the following questions:

1. What is the cause of the disorder?

2. What are the symptoms of this disorder?

3. What portion of the population is affected (out of how many births would have this disorder)?

4. How is the disorder is inherited?

5. Can this disease be treated?  Is so, how?

6. Also include any other pertinent information about the disease.  For example, does it affect mainly certain groups of the population?

-Presentation of findings to the class
-Written report two pages in length, typed, with a formal bibliography.

-The internet has great sites devoted to various genetic disorders.  Search for those.
-Include tables or graphs to help illustrate your answer to questions #3 and #6.

cystic fibrosis-
sickle cell anemia-
red-green color blindness-
Down’s syndrome-

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