Mutations Assessment
Change the following original genetic sequence according the type of mutation below.

Original sequence:  thepigsawtheredcup




Point mutation:

Connect the elements of the analogy to the counterparts they describe:
1. ______ encyclopedia volume 
2.  ______article on Hitler 
3. ______ word in article 
4. ______ report on WWII 
5. ______ library 
6. ______ Kiroshima 
A. point mutation
B. nucleus
C. gene product
D. codon
E. chromosome
F. gene

List and describe three or more genetic disorders we have studied or discussed in class.

List and describe two or more causes/sources of genetic mutations.

What is the cause of Downs Syndrome?

Short Essay:  In class we compared and contrasted the mutations we have studied thus far and those of super hero "mutants."  In which ways are mutations in nature similar and different than those found in science fiction?

Bonus:  (Explain clearly to receive credit.) What is the connection between mutations and evolution?

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