Biochemical Pathways project
TThere are a number of important biochemical pathways in the body.  Learning how For the pathway you are assigned answer the following questions:

-What does this reaction do?

-Where does this reaction take place?

-When does this reaction occur?

-What are the most important chemicals and enzymes involved?

-Are there any diseases or genetic disorders which affect this pathway?  If so, what goes wrong?

*Project is due _______
*Report is to be minimum of 2 pages.  It must be typed and contain a formal bibliography.
*Presentations are to be formal.  You must have at least one visual (transparencies, physical models, animations, etc.)

Choose one of the following or an approved one of your own:

-Krebís cycle (aka Citric Acid Cycle)-


-Electron transport chain-

-Lactic acid fermentation (not fermentation; aka anaerobic respiration)-

-Urea cycle-

-DNA replication and repair-

-Protein synthesis-

How does your body send messages along a chemical pathway... make your heart speed up?

...let sugar into your cells?

...tell your brain you touched something with your finger? prepare for foreign invaders (bacteria, etc.)?

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