Characteristics of Life Project
A group of 3 to 5 students each was assigned to each of the characteristics of life.
The characteristics that define ďlifeĒ and the groups assigned to them are (in no particular order):

-Response to environment-
 -Reproduction with heredity-
-Growth with development-
-Ability to obtain and use energy-

Qís to be answered:
-What would happen to organisms without this characteristic?
-How do different organisms exhibit this characteristic?
-How does this characteristic relate to the other 6?
-What non-living things exhibit this characteristic?  Give two (2) examples.  and  How is this characteristic different in living things than in non-living things?

(Major section ->) Give an in-depth explanation of how your characteristic is exhibited by: 1. a human being, 2. an animal*, 3. a plant*, 4. a single cell.
*suggestion: It may help you better organize your thoughts (and, consequently, your your report and presentation) if you concentrate on only one species for each (e.g. a cow and a pine tree).

What is due for me:

Written Report:  This needs to look professional.  It must be typed and include a formal bibliography.  You are free to structure it however you see fit, but it should flow logically from one topic to another.

Presentation: The whole point of us breaking into groups is to cover this topic fully.  Without your contribution to the class, we all lack the complete picture.   Speaking of pictures, you need to have a visual component to your presentation.  We talked about setting up tables with our projects on them.  Thatís one idea.  If you have others, develop them and share them with me and the rest of the class.


Thur, Sept . 3- Present to the class what you have found thus far in your research.  Tell your classmates where some of the better sources are.

Tues, Sept. 8- Your group will present an overview of what your presentation will look like.  We will share and discuss the best methods of presenting.

Thur, Sept. 10- Written reports are due in finalized form.  Presentations to the class will begin in the order of groups at the top of the page.

*Note: Although it isnít explicitly stated here in this timeline, you should check in with me periodically for advice.   I will check in with you randomly.  It will be noted if you are not progressing adequately in your research.

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