Characteristics of Life Assessment
Directions:  In the following questions you are to name a specific organism, then illustrate how it demonstrates the following characteristics that define it as a living thing (the characteristic in question is in italics).   Provide details; donít just say, ďA tree shows growth and development because it gets bigger.Ē  You cannot obtain a passing grade on this with one sentence answers.  You may write on the back if necessary.

-What organism will you use in your examples?

-How does this organism show evidence of responding to its environment?

-Name a characteristic or feature of your organism and describe how it might be considered an evolutionary adaptation.

-How does this organism maintain homeostasis?

-How is this organism organized?

-How does this organism reproduce?  How does it demonstrate heredity?

-How does this organism show evidence of growth and development?

-How does this organism obtain and use energy?

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