Genetics questions
1.  Mendel crossed a pea plant having green pea pods with a pea plant having yellow pea pods.  All of the F1 (1st generation) plants had green pods.  Which trait (green or yellow pods) is recessive?


2.  In sesame plants, the normal leaf (L) condition is dominant to the wrinkled leaf (l) condition.  What is the genotype of the parents if the following offspring are produced?

-318 normal leaf plants and 98 wrinkled leaf plants.

-401 normal leaf plants.

3.  Phenylketonuria (PKU) is an inherited disease determined by a recessive allele.  If a woman and her husband are both carriers, what is the probability that all three of their children will be normal?  How did you determine this?

4.  How many unique offspring can be produced in a cross of one organism with the genotype AaBb and another organism with the same genotype?  What are the possible genotypes and what is the possibility of each?

5.  A black guinea pig is crossed with an albino one.  12 offspring are produced, all black.  When the albino is again crossed, this time to a different mate, 7 black and 5 albino offspring are produced.  What is the best explanation for this genetic situation.  Be sure to include the genotypes of all parents and possible offspring.

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