Mendelian genetics assessment
1. Describe Gregor Mendel’s contributions to biology and their importance.


2. Which can you see, the genotype or the phenotype?  Explain.

3. Mendel found the following statistics in his experiments with pea plants:  522 white peas, 1584 green peas.  Assuming that all the offspring were from the same parents:
a) which allele is dominant?
b) what was the genotype of the parents? Draw a Punnet square to diagram this cross.

4. What ratio of children would have brown eyes is you crossed 2 people who were heterozygous for brown eyes?

5. Why are half of all children male?  Explain in relation to mitosis.

6. A woman has type A blood.  Her husband has type B blood.  They have a child who has type O blood.  Could the husband be the father?  Use a Punnet square (or squares) in your explanation (not as your explanation).

7. Examine the pedigree:
-Label each individual with his/her genotype.  Use “E” for the dominant allele and “e” for the recessive.
-What is the mode of inheritance of the trait exhibited by those “darken” individuals?

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