Introduction to Evolution
Much research has been conducted in teaching this area, and the conclusions are that students bring a tremendous load of baggage to the table.  The following exercises were designed to combat misconceptions about evolution at the ourset.
Part I:

Directions: Write no less than a full page (you should be able to write something closer to two) on each of the topics below.

-Where have you seen evolution in movies?  Which ones?  How was it portrayed?  What caused evolution to occur?

-What is a possible definition of evolution (do not give me something you read in a
book)?  Where to you see it in the natural world?

Part II:

Directions: The following are misconceptions about evolution.  Explain why these statements are wrong and give the correct explanation for evolution.

1) Evolution always moves "up."

2) Evolution is when an organism “learns” to adapt.

3) Adaptation occurs because of a "need."

4) Evolution has stopped.

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