DNA assessment
1. What was Watson and Crick's main accomplishment in the field of biology?


2. How was Rosanlind Franklin important to Watson and Crick's discovery?

3. What are Chargaff's rules?

4. Describe (or illustrate) the stages of DNA replication.

5. What is a karyotype and what is it used for?  What does one look like (illustrate)?

6. What is the Human Genome Project and what could it be used for?

7. Choose three of the characteristics of life in which DNA plays a major role.  Give a short description of how DNA relates to the characteristics you choose.

8.  Illustrate a molecule of DNA and includes and labels the following
-Alternating phosphate/ribose backbone.
-Nitrogenous bases bonded according to Chargaff's Rules.
-Hydrogen bonds.
-Be sure also to have DNA make a complete turn at approximately every tenth base pair.

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