Cells and Cell Organelles thought project
In order to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of cell theory you need to accomplish the following:

Develop a conceptual model (not a physical one) explaining the analogies which can be made between a factory and a cell.  You must explain how each part of a cell is analogous to various parts of a factory.

You may include diagrams (at least one is required), but the primary focus of this assessment is to explain the processes that cells are involved in.  Relating the functions of a cell to the functions of a factory is one way to do that.

What is due for me:

You need to turn in a written report to me which demonstrates mastery of the concept of cells and their organelles.  I will not specify a length, but I will ask you to redo it if the content of your report does not indicate you have mastered this material.

Further, your report must contain and make reference to a diagram of a eukaryotic cell.  The essential organelles should be visible, labeled, and arranged correctly within the cell.

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