Cells and Cell Organelles Project
I assigned only one of the following to each student.  The handout doesn't make it look like that exactly.
Cell Types:

Cells in your body perform a variety of functions.  As a result, they take a variety of forms.

Plant cell-
Muscle cell-
Red blood cell-
Eukaryotic cell-
Nerve cell-
Egg cell-
Skin cell-

Cell Organelles:

Just as organs in your body perform special functions, so do your cells use organs to perform special functions.

Endoplasmic reticulum-
Golgi apparatus-

Your job:

I.  Write a report:  Describe the location of your cell type or organelle and its function.  Two pages, typed, and a formal bibliography.

II.  Make a model: Cells and their organelles are 3-dimensional.  So should your model be.  Make it large enough to be seen by the entire class from the front of the room (no smaller than 12” across).  It should be as scientifically accurate as possible.

III.  Present your findings: Tell the class in a 10 minute presentation what you have found about your cell or your cell organelle.  Use your model as a visual.

Some good sources:

Check your textbook and the Anatomy and Physiology textbook the Medical Science II class is using.  Also, I have tons  of other textbooks with diagrams and micrographs of your topic.  Stay “above the line:” consult with me.  There is no reason you should complain about being confused.

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