Cell Membranes Notes
1. Draw a phospholipid molecule.  Label which parts are polar and which are nonpolar.


2. Draw a picture of a cell membrane.  Include phospholipids, proteins, and cholesterol.

3. What does "selectively permeable" mean?

4. Why are cell membranes described with "fluid mosaic models?"

5. What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis?

6. What would happen to a cell in a hypertonic solution?  Draw a picture with your explanation.

7. What is the difference between active transport and passive diffusion?

8. What is facilitated diffusion?

9. Describe phagocytosis.  What is it used for?

10. Give examples of materials that pass through the membrane via the following methods.

Facilitated diffusion -

Active transport -

Permeable through the membrane -

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