The History of Space Travel

-The history of rockets-
-The history of satellites-
-The history of the space shuttle-
-The history of space probes and landers-
-The evolution of astronaut suits and equipment-
-Our future in space-

Guiding questions:

These questions are provided to help guide you in the research project.
Not all of these may be applicable to your topic.

What historical events coincided with the events described in your are of study?
What effects did these scientific endeavors produce on culture and society?
Why were these things invented?
What benefits and or scientific discoveries did this period produce?
What connections to other sciences (particularly math and physics) were necessary to know in producing these scientific products?


Presentation- Should be formal and include multiple methods of presenting (computer, video, models, diagrams, etc.).
Report- All relevant information collected should be assembled into a written report on your topic and its relevance.  Should be typed and contain a formal bibliography as well as diagrams where appropriate.

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