Models of the Universe Project
Astronomy has a longer history than any other science.  It is important to review that history in order to understand how we came to know astronomy in its present form.  This project divides the class up to research various astronomers throughout history to describe the evolution of that understanding.

Models of the Universe: (listed by astronomer)
Tycho Brahe-

Questions to be answered:
-When did this astronomer live?
-What was new/unique about this model?
-What was the reaction to this model in your astronomer’s time?
-What instruments and ideas helped develop this model?
-What else was this astronomer famous for?

Good resources:  Check the astronomy books in the classroom (particularly the “Universe” textbook and “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan).  The encyclopedia is an excellent reference as are historical texts.  There are many sites on the internet devoted to planetary astronomy.  Some of these include history on the subject.

What is due for me:  A written report (I will not specify a length; you have the criteria).  The report should contain diagrams to illustrate the model at a glance.

You will present in the order listed on this paper (chronologically across history).

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