Respiratory System notes
What are the four functions of the respiratory system?

List the three regions in the pharynx and describe its functions?

What are the main organs which make the respiratory system function?

How much air can the lungs hold when full?  How much air is left inside when they are “emptied”?

Why is the nose important when we also have a mouth?

What are the phases of breathing?

How and which gases are exchanged in the blood vessels and the lungs?

What does your pharynx do?

What are the three functions of the larynx?

What is the difference between internal and external respiration?

What does the trachea do?

Why do you sneeze?

What is the respiratory zone?

What are the main anatomical features of the lungs?

What are the main microanatomical features of the lungs?

What is the alveolar ventilation rate?

What is Henry’s Law?

What is Dalton’s Law of partial pressures?

What is dead space?

How does your respiratory system adjust to different climates?

What makes your lungs stretch?

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