The Peripheral Nervous System
1. Define the following and list its function:

neuron (give labeled diagram as well)-




2. What is myelin and what is it used for?  What are Schwann cells (illustrate them)?

3. What is multiple sclerosis?  On a physiological level how does this affect your nervous system?

4. What is the central nervous system and what does it consist of?

5. What is the peripheral nervous system and what does it consist of?

6. What is a neurotransmitter?  List the major ones and their respective functions.

7. What are ganglia?  What function do they serve?

8. What are synapses?

9. What are vesicles?  What function to they serve?

10. What is an action potential?  Illustrate the process below.

11. What is polarization?  What are the most important ions in this process?

12. What is the Na+/K+ pump, and why is this classified as active transport?

13. On a physiological level what do neurotoxins do to your nervous system?

14. What is the “fight or flight” reflex?  How does this affect your nervous system?

15. What is the difference between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems?

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