Muscle Assessment
1. What are the types of muscle tissue and where they are found?


2. List and describe the three (3) main functions of muscles.

3.  Name at least three of the five types of muscle arrangements and give an example of where each can be found.

4. What happens to your body when you increase your level of exercise?

5. Describe and illustrate the process of muscle contraction and the roles of actin, myosin, and ATP in this process.

6. What is a motor unit?  Draw and label a simple diagram to accompany your explanation.

7. What is the function of each of the following...?
-agonistic muscles-

-antagonistic muscles-

-synergistic muscles-

-fixator muscles-

8. Illustrate one of the classes of “levers” found in the muscular system.  Label the load, fulcrum, and effort.  (You must describe where this “lever” can be found in the body for this answer to be correct.)

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