The Flawed Body project
Anatomy and Physiology are not subjects studied out of mere curiosity.  There are serious flaws in our physical makeup that medical technicians of numerous types try to prevent or correct, and to do this they must study human anatomy and physiology.  Your job here is to explore an affliction of your choosing and connect your topic to the subjects of anatomy and physiology.


-History of the disease or condition:  Where and when did it start?  What effect did it have historically?

-Prevention of the disease or condition: What is being done globally to combat this flaw, and what can be done on an individual basis?

-What causes this condition both socially and biologically?  In other words, AIDS is caused by a virus, but what about societyís role in spreading this disease?

-What effect does this disease or condition have on the body, and what are its symptoms?

-Are there treatments or a cure?  If none, then why not?  Also, what are the disadvantages of either?

-Are there and related diseases or conditions (or diseases/conditions that arise from this one)?

-What is the state of research into this condition or disease?


Written report: Minimum of 4 pages (if dbl spaced and typed), provided all the above questions are answered to the best of your ability.  You do not have to follow any particular outline in answering the above questions.  However, your report should be structured in a logical format (in other words, I should be able to see what youíre talking about from paragraph to paragraph).  You might want to divide the paper under s so you focus on one item at a time.

Visual: Can be posters, video, dramatic enactments, or any combination of media you feel comfortable with.   Use your imagination.  Surprise me.

Presentation:  This is the most important element of this exercise.  Iíd love to read a perfect report, but Iíd much rather see a presentation that totally engages your classmates and gets them thinking about your topic.  Think about that: itís your topic.   You should work to become an expert in it.  Realize that you have a lot of information to present and that this will take some time to cover meaningfully (at least 20 minutes).  Prepare (rehearse) in advance

Due Date:  Wednesday, September 9.  Presentations will continue into Friday and Monday if necessary, but your report is due on Wednesday.  I will make a note of how late it is if I receive it past the 9th.

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